Monthly Archives: March 2010

Injinji socks to the rescue

As I ramp up the weekly mileage during training over the last few weeks, blisters have fast become a nagging issue. I’m thinking, “if this is what I get for a few hours’ training a week, what shape would I be in during the actual race, where I’ll be running a few hours a DAY for 7 days straight? Injinji socks to the rescue! I’ve heard about these special toe ... Read More »

Blisters are just the appetiser…

One of the things that has always daunted me about the race was my being flat footed because that often results in weaker knees. Endurance races are, supposedly, a no-no for people like me. So the question is, will my knees be able to take 7 days of intensive runs up sand dunes and across squishy soft sand? The mind is strong but will the body be willing? So I ... Read More »

It begins, as most things do, with an idea and a plan

Alright, folks, here’s the plan: long training sessions on weekends for endurance and karate for power; shorter runs (about 8 km per session) and cross training on weekdays. Long weekend sessions will mostly involve running up and down the trails (and the hills! Oh, the hills!!) of MacRitchie. I started with a running buddy and fellow karate-ka, Mark, about 2 months ago and we’ve made some great progress since. The ... Read More »

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