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A few shoutouts

Here’s a HUGE SHOUTOUT to the wonderful Mr. Thaddeus Lawrence to wish him good luck for his 7-day, 250km march across the Gobi Desert in China, which starts THIS SUNDAY! You can follow the Gobi race here. Photos and videos will be posted daily at the end of each leg of the race. Apparently temperatures are pushing 50 degrees Celsius now. *faints* But back to Thaddeus — ladies and gents, this is ... Read More »

How to run an ultramarathon in 2 weeks

Dedicated to Dad. I’ve been told many things about my 84km race – “crazy”, “amazing”, “hard core” are some common superlatives used. I speak from the heart, however, when I say: anyone could have done it. Perhaps you would not have finished in the 15 hours stipulated by the competition, but I would bet my bottom dollar that if I’d walked up to you and told you to race 84km because ... Read More »

After the ultra…

…the soles in the heels are apparently half-gone. That is a lot of rubber to be gone in one night. And these were fairly new shoes! Read More »

Snapshots from the Ultra: Last 42km

Stage 5 Time out of blocks for second lap of 42km: 11.47pm. The iPod dishes out the ABBA playlist (?!!) and it lasts me for a surprisingly long stretch of Round 2, including that mind-numbingly dull 8km stretch along the Changi runway. Something about chirpy ’70s Swedish pop that mixes well with the night.I’m tempted to walk the rest of it, but a) my walking speed turns out to be ... Read More »

Snapshots from The Ultra: First 42km

NB: “Stages” noted below all mental and personal only Stage 1 It’s 5:58pm, just shy of our 6pm flag off, and all 625 ultramarathoners (I know, right? Who would’ve thought we could gather this many crazies in good ol’ Singapore?) are heading out to the sound of drums. Before the first kilometre mark, I sense a bothering strain in my right calf. Thinking it’s the knee strap that I have ... Read More »

Meanwhile, in Gotham city…

…our favourite tennis matador reclaims the French Open title in a pretty darn good match against Robin Soderling. Nadal is just pure Tenacity and Heart. This guy really makes the impossible a reality. To watch him play is to take a lesson in fortitude and willpower. And here’s Exhibit A of said talent from the match against Davydenko at Monte Carlo 2008: ¿Cómo se dice “refuse to lose”? Read More »

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