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Running 101: Above all, have fun.

Friday was a public holiday because our Muslim friends were celebrating the end of Ramadan and the whole of Singapore got time off thanks to this. And day off = extra training for all the jittery bugs who have a date with the desert in less than 3 weeks! Total tally over 4 days: 101km with a 7kg backpack. I hit the trail, pounded on concrete, and shuffled on sand. ... Read More »

Pushing the hardest when it counts the most

It had not been the most brilliant start to the day. First the internet threw a tantrum and I couldn’t livestream a much-anticipated tennis match between Nadal and Verdasco. By the time I got a fast enough connection speed, the two were already deep into the last set and Nando had faded away, giving Rafa an easy victory. After brunch the rain started, ruining the original plan to run 35 ... Read More »

7 Signs that you may be training very hard

1. You get micro abrasion on your face because you’ve wiped the sweat off so many times with your wristband while training. Your face now hurts. 2. Your back looks like it’s got mini-carpet burns because you ran a lot with a 7kg backpack jostling up and down your back. 3. Your whole body resembles a living billboard for Leukotape. 4. You constantly find yourself in the company of people ... Read More »

Is it time to panic yet??

Today, the race organisers popped a little gift into our inboxes: the Race Course and Climate Update! Basically, it details the sort of conditions we can expect on course for this year’s race. I poured over every line like a child over a much-awaited Christmas present. Initially, I had no problems with the figures provided. In fact, I was quite relieved. Sure, this year’s course is likely to have lot ... Read More »

Dear Santa

Some people have asked, “so what’s the next big plan after this race?” In all honesty, I don’t plan for anything huge. It’s not like there’s some factory in my head charged with churning out “The Next Big Plan in Life”. It will actually be nice to just lead the life of a normal, non-mileage crunching person for a change. I’ll hang out in book stores a lot more often, ... Read More »

Officially Cool

This one goes out to those of you who’ve always had trouble keeping your sunglasses on your nose too. All the sunglasses I’ve had have a tendency to slide off my nose bridge, which kind of ruins the “I’m wearing shades and therefore cool” look. And that’s why finding the perfect pair that stays on and is rugged enough for the Sahara on the eve of the race is very ... Read More »

Loof extravaganza

At last, some love for the Loof Party. You didn’t think I was going to let such an event slip by without due reporting, did you? ;) A huge hand to Loof and the Lo & Behold Group for seeing to that this event took off despite our very limited (read: nonexistent) budget. We had to spread the news through word of mouth, emails, and Facebook. But people still turned ... Read More »

Stay in school, kids. Excel could one day save your life.

Have you ever done something that didn’t seem particularly meaningful or life changing at the time, something that you would had done without giving much thought to, only to discover that this random decision had huge ramifications on your life much later, to the point that you can’t even imagine how life would be like had you not made that decision? Not so long ago, when yours truly was still ... Read More »

Is it possible to be pumped and pooped at the same time?

Just when you think life can’t get any more hectic, it (of course) laughs in your face and throws you an even crazier schedule and sees how you juggle it. But just for the record, I’m alive! But barely. Just excited and tired all at once about all that has happened, all that is happening, and all that is about to happen. The Desert Party@Loof on Saturday was superb. So many ... Read More »

Make some noise, folks!

I’m sharing (digital) space with Bono! Did an interview with 8flo in late August and they were kind enough to put me on the front page, Highlight #1, to drum up publicity prior to the fund raiser party last weekend. Thank you so much, folks :) Truly honoured. The turnout for the party was superb in no small part due to your help. Also, love that there’s a funky/wise collection of quotes ... Read More »

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