Ironies and Felonies

Ironies and Felonies

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Close up of Gentoo Penguin. Always bring a good zoom lens to Antarctica, folks.

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Gentoo hurrying along to find the Perfect Pebble

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A little foraging at the beach makes a dirty penguin. But mission accomplished!

antarctica travel tips 22Too lazy to walk, the little Gentoo body surfed its way back home.

antarctica travel tips 28Sometimes, even the natives get a little lost in the vastness of this land

antarctica travel tips 23An introspective moment on the rocks of Petermann Island

antarctica travel tips 24Peekaboo!

antarctica travel tips 25“Hey…?”

antarctica travel tips 29Adelie Penguin

Petermann Island is the second landing of the day, and what a visual treat it is! It’s our first sighting of comical Adelie penguins, who, if you look at them straight on, seem a bit cross eyed because of the white circles around their eyes. The vast hills are a blanketed with thick white snow, though a shear cliff in the distance has been carved into the snow by wind erosion. A simple cross stands upon a rock commemorating the three British researchers who, in 1982, disappeared from Petermann Island under the cover of winter darkness, never to be seen again.

At the end of the landing, the expedition staff carved a piece of ice right off a ‘berg and we all had drinks with a couple of 10,000 year-old ice cubes floating in them. Of course, I chose to have it with Fanta. What a fantastic waste of grand old ice.

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