First Frost

First Frost

[Oxford, UK]

Took a leisurely stroll with a friend in the Christchurch meadows as I went up to Oxford last weekend. Of the many colleges that make up University of Oxford, this one has to be what Texas is to the States. Owner of sprawling meadows (complete with cows), a cathedral (instead of the usual college chapels) and, lest we forget, the Great Hall that you see in all the Harry Potter films. (My friend insists that it was meant to be filmed in his college had the administrators not been so stubborn about not removing the portraits hanging on the dining hall walls, but that’s another story. )

So this was taken on the lovely stroll, just two old friends… walking and talking about nothing in particular, with nothing else for company but the crispy chill of the morning air, the musty smell that promised winter, and the crunch of pebbles beneath the feet.

Photo details –
 Canon PowerShot
1/800 sec
7.8mm focal length  

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