[Stonehenge, UK]

Out in the Wiltshire countryside, what is arguably the world’s most famous stone circle structure continues to draw crowds to its celebrated spot. Truth be told, the structure itself is disappointingly small. You might just find yourself thinking that the greatest mystery of the day is why you had spent hours driving out to this isolated spot to stare at the few remnants of an age-old rock structure. That you can no longer walk among the monoliths because the entire structure has been roped off like a good museum exhibit just adds to the artificiality of it all.

Yet– when the sun is low and wrapped in a blanket of winter fog, turn your gaze slightly and you might – just might – catch a glimpse of its former glory, a long lost echo of mystery and grandeur.

Photo details –
Camera: Canon PowerShot
1/1250 sec
7.8mm focal length  

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