New Zealand Day 12: Queenstown

New Zealand Day 12: Queenstown

For our final day in South Island, we took a stroll through Queenstown Gardens, a botanical garden which has, curiously, something called Frisbee golf. (You’ve gotta see it to believe it).

Tip #15: How to get closer to the Remarkables
For a stunning, bird’s eye view of the Remarkables, you can splurge a few hundred dollars on a chartered flight… or you can try this trick: when checking-in for your flight, ask for a seat on the port side of the plane (ie. the same side as the plane door you had boarded through). You’ll get a stunning view of the (aptly named) Remarkables outside your window as the plane flies right over and above those mountains when it takes off. Caveat: this tip is based on my experience on one single Air New Zealand flight going from Queenstown to Auckland. Since a number of factors affect which direction the plane takes off in (eg. wind direction, flight route), I can’t guarantee this will always work. Nonetheless, if you’re lucky this will pay off handsomely.

New Zealand travel tips 27Swimming right through the autumn colours 皇后鎮植物園中的鴨子


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