New Zealand Day 5: Wanaka

New Zealand Day 5: Wanaka

After our triumphant trek in Arrowtown (read: we forgot about the humiliation of being out-trekked by someone’s grandparents), we decided to do another trek today. This time, we tackled Mount Iron, which is a shorter but much steeper trek.

This hike has confirmed my suspicion that all kiwis are born with the legs of a mountain goat. Some of them opted for a “shortcut” along the trek that involved climbing a steep, 50 degree incline. Meanwhile, we (being the tame, unimaginative tourists) followed the established trekking path and took twice as long to reach the top.

Once there, you will be breathless in more ways than one (but mainly due to the beautiful, sweeping vistas of the surrounding lakes and mountains). Before long, the winds picked up and it soon it felt like we were trying to dance in the middle of a Grade 8 typhoon back in HK. Time to take shelter on lower ground.

New Zealand travel tips 11View of Mount Alta and the Buchanan Peaks from Lake Wanaka 怡人的瓦納卡湖景。

The only bummer for the day is that we spent such a long time enjoying Mt. Iron that we didn’t have enough time to visit Puzzling World, which is packed with rooms of fascinating illusions and a giant maze. Sheer paradise for the inner child in all of us.

Travel tip #6: Where to see a stunning sunrise
If you’re willing and able to catch a good sunrise, Wanaka is a great place for it. The mountains and Lake Wanaka are incredibly photogenic in the early morning.

New Zealand travel tips 12Wanaka sunrise. 既然已老遠跑到南半球, 不看日出就太可惜了

Travel tip #7: Where to get a scenic skydiving experience
If you want to skydive in New Zealand and want to make it truly memorable, Wanaka is a standout option. You see two lakes, stunning chains of snow-capped mountains, and glistening tributaries. How good? This good.

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