New Zealand Day 7: Tekapo

New Zealand Day 7: Tekapo

The night before, ST and I nearly froze our toes off trying to do night photography in the bitter cold. Tonight, we got luckier as the temperature dropped a little.

Looks like night photography is a popular hobby around here. Stumbled upon many tourists (including ones from HK!) who were also doing the same thing.

Travel tip #9: What to wear for a night of stargazing While in Tekapo, dress very warmly if you plan to be outdoors during the night. Temperatures can drop drastically after sunset, often falling below zero in the colder months such as May. Pack gloves and a warm hat. Merino legliners can be lifesavers. In planning what to wear, you can even resort to googling for hour-by-hour temperature forecasts. When in doubt, overdress. You can’t fully enjoy the heavenly view when your joints are hurting from the biting cold.
Travel tip #10: Lighting considerations For those planning to do night photography, pack a headlight. It’ll be easier to walk along some unlit roads and much easier to tweak your camera buttons as you work in the dark. Just make sure not to shine the headlight on areas where others are photographing, such as the Church of the Good Shepherd. I repeat: DO NOT shine your light on the Church. It ruins the photo others are trying to take, and the photographers may come after you with their tripods as a beating stick.

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