Blog From the Desert: 250km Done and Dusted

Greetings from Cairo, Egypt! Have duly completed 250km of the desert and gosh, civilisation seems a bit strange now. I’m still somewhat in a catatonic state of shock, having witnessed some astounding human spirit and majestic natural beauty in the past one week. In comparison, the fact that I just did 250km on foot seems like nothing!

Imagine this will take a little while before all this sinks in. I’ll go through the race in much more detail once I get back home in a few days. And I promise photos – and lots of amazing ones, if I may say so myself :p The desert was just too beautiful.

Quick thought – one unintended benefit of having lived like a caveman in the wild is that travel is made so much easier now. Need to take an overnight train to Aswan and can’t shower for the night? No problem! Why, just last week I didn’t bathe for 7 days and 7 nights and had sand in my hair, ears and nostrils…

Really does put life in a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? Not to say I will make a habit of this “let’s see how long I can last without a shower!” gig.

Alrighty, must run (haha) for the sights of Cairo await. Ciao!

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