Lades and gents, I present to you… GNC!!!

Lades and gents, I present to you… GNC!!!

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A huge thank you to GNC for agreeing to be the Official Health Supplement Sponsor of my Sahara trip!

I remember growing up with a lot of GNC bottles around the house, thanks to my super health-conscious mother who stuffed us kids with their vitamin products (A for healthy eyes, C for strong immune system, and E for good skin!! I still remember hahaha).

I take their stuff these days still, actually. So it’s a familiar brand and I’m proud to have them on board what will most certainly be a very wild ride across the desert.

THANK YOU to GNC for making Sahara possible! :)))

Definitely want to try some of their new products that would improve stamina. Probably posting some reviews in a few weeks/months’ time, considering the time it takes for benefits/effects to be seen.

In other news, I lost two and a half toe nails to the 84k ultra. So much for escaping the race unscathed. I’ve since come to the conclusion that plucking out dead toenails is an intriguing experience best not repeated. EVER.

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