Blog From the Desert: Going the distance

Another 38km bites the dust! Today was mostly about conquering the pain and showing the dunes who was boss.

While sorting out blisters at checkpoints, I discovered a whole new range of pain-related noises I am capable of making. (I totally should’ve done a “$10 for every blister developed” option for World Vision fund raising.)

But did you know? There’s a strange sense of peace that settles in once you transcend the pain. Thank you EVERYONE for the beautiful emails – they made me laugh and cry (again) and are all in all a fantabulous booster. Whenever the pain gets a bit much, I visualise each of you standing at the finishing line for me. It’s almost as if we’re doing this race together.

Ok, I know this is short but tomorrow’s looooong. 94km over-nighter and there are rumours they wanted to make it longer?! So more sleep equals a happy Jane. Toodles!

P.S. Just learned that first day was 48 degrees Celsius. Huh. No wonder it seemed a bit rough.

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