Marathon Weekend

Marathon Weekend

Didn’t exactly clock 42km but after catching a bad bout of cold/flu and not being able to exercise for the past week, I was finally able to put in some serious work over the weekend. It’s VERY painful to be sitting out on training, might I add. Probably easier to just go out and whack 10, 15km instead of following some self-imposed exile from exercise because the body needs to recover first; you can almost feel your muscles wasting away all this while.

Saturday was the appetizer – took a record 9kg backpack and ran the usual loop in an hour plus, which was the same amount of time I needed to finish the loop without any weights not so long ago. If you let it, the body can really surprise you sometimes.

Then things got real on Sunday: hid from the rain and hit the gym for a 2-hour run with a 6kg backpack (garnering a few strange looks for the shuffling sound of rice I was making), went for karate and then (yes) went to catch a late night showing of Inception. Walked out of cinema happy, only to realise later that I’d only figured out the ostentatious levels of the movie (i.e. the mainstream options of what happens) and that Chris Nolan had basically performed inception on the whole audience. ARGH.

In short, both body and mind got some healthy exercise these two days. Back on track for proper training this week!

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