New Zealand Day 10: (Still at) Te Anau

New Zealand Day 10: (Still at) Te Anau

Today was a slow, easy day in the small, idle town of Te Anau, just two hours from Milford Sound. Te Anau is a common starting point for hikers (or trampers, as kiwis usually call them) doing the Kepler Track and the Routeburn Track. The latter was actually part of our original trip itinerary. That is, until ST and I spotted these words on the Routeburn info page by the New Zealand Department of Conservation:

New Zealand travel tips 21

“…Bridges may be removed over winter” and “you must be competent at crossing large, swift icy rivers”?!

The Kiwis are just too nice; they won’t tell you “don’t go here!” Instead, they just take away the bridges.

Anyway, we opted for a leisurely walk along Lake Te Anau. The plan was to reach the gates of the Kepler Track because we wanted to shoot some river streams and there were apparently a few along the way. Well, we never made it. We got distracted by poofy mushrooms:

New Zealand travel tips 22Straight out of a storybook. Now all we need is a gnome. 好得以o既蘑菇吖!

Dinner was a fish ‘n chips affair at a food truck called Mostly Seafood. This humble little dish has a special place in my heart since I spent so much eating all variations of it when living in Scotland as a child. But OH. MY. GOODNESS. This one at Te Anau is far and away the most delicious fish ‘n chips I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve never tasted batter so light and so beautifully fried to a crispy (yet juicy) perfection. And wrapped inside this golden, crispy perfection was a piece of blue cod so fresh, so moist and so tender it’ll make you cry. Try it someday with a dash of salt (no vinegar if you want it crispy).

New Zealand travel tips 23Crispy, battered perfection. 世上最美味的 fish ‘n chips.

Tip #12: When and what to try at Mostly Seafood
Mostly Seafood is open for lunch and dinner, but do note that it closes at 7:30pm (it’s owned and run by one couple entirely). The truck is near the big roundabout by the lakefront. You can’t miss it. When in doubt, order the blue cod. Also, opt for the half-bag of chips unless you’re famished. The full bag can, without exaggerating, feed a family of three.

New Zealand travel tips 24When I’m back in New Zealand, I will drive to Te Anau for this food truck again.
下回到新西蘭必定會專程回到 Mostly Seafood 再嚐嚐它們的 fish ‘n chips。


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