New Zealand Day 9: Milford Sound & Te Anau

New Zealand Day 9: Milford Sound & Te Anau

We’re off on our long drive to Milford Sound today. InterCity has special buses for these scenic rides – ones that have glass roofs so you can see what’s overhead! It’s amazing how much of a difference seeing a bit of sky makes in the entire bus travelling experience. Don’t you wish all coaches in the world were like this:

New Zealand travel tips 18

Along the way, we went for quick walks through rainforests and even met a few keas. Keas are brown-green parrots often dubbed the “clown of New Zealand’s Southern Alps”. Curious, social, and having little fear of humans, these cheeky little creatures are notorious for their destructive habits. They will happily damage any soft vehicle parts (windshield wipers, tires) if you let them. This poor man was even relieved of over a thousand dollars thanks to a kea that flew away with his bag of notes.

Milford Sound covered in mist and clouds when we arrived:

New Zealand travel tips 19開車開了半天終於到了米爾福德峽灣 

We stumbled upon a few fur seals snoozing on rocks while cruising around, which brought back memories of those cheeky creatures from the Antarctica trip. At one point, the captain drove the boat right up to a soaring waterfall, which sprayed water on anyone standing at the bow and sent us all squealing and running for cover.

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