It’s exactly one month from my little excursion to Cairo! Looking up hostels to stay in, seeing familiar street names and just the general thought of being in that city gives me the tickles.

It still hasn’t sunk in yet — that I’ll be walking down Talaat Harb again, bargaining deep in the maze of Khan al-Khalili (because like all Hong Kongers I hate being ripped off and love a good deal even more), spending 5 minutes just trying to cross a major road, relearning my Arabic numbers (because it’s all very counter-intuitive if you’ve spent most of your life in a Westernised world):

sahara race 250km 31

I also can’t wait to see the Citadel and some old sites again. Because Islamic architecture is JUST. STUNNING. This shot was from the 2006 cycling trip. If you walk to the very centre of the musalla and look up, it’s as if streaks of golden rain are showering down on you.
And in another part of Cairo is the City of the Dead, a sprawling district of cemeteries populated by the disenfranchised. Conditions are less than ideal here but Cairo has a shortage of housing, so the poor make a living by becoming caretakers of the tombs for the rich. This, too, has since become their home.

sahara race 250km 33

Caught these kids playing around when I was last there. From the joy on their faces, you can hardly tell the hand they’ve been dealt, can you?

Life finds a way even amongst the dead.


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