Random things that make your day

Random things that make your day

– Getting a call from a friend who had once sworn off running saying, “I decided to start running. Can you come help me pick out a pair of shoes?”

– Getting a text from said friend a few days later: “Ah, the pleasant ache of well-exercised muscles.”

– On asking friend how he found the Asics we picked out: “Felt like I was running on clouds.”

– Hearing from a Pan Pacific colleague, a mother of two: “after I had children I could only run a total of 6 minutes; I drove myself to reach 3km, then 4km and recently 5km. I still do it with a whole lot of torture, anger, and difficulty.” But she still pushes on through gritted teeth, and therein lies all the difference.

– Hearing the sage words of my … “solidly built”… college professor who’s also into distance running,”You look at those Kenyans — they’re built like gazelles! Of course they can run a marathon! You want to see a real wonder? Go watch me run the marathon.”

One more thing –

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