Ignorance is (delayed) bliss

Ignorance is (delayed) bliss

sahara race 250km 29I’m just a little backpack, innocent as a bee

After brunch again this weekend (yes, it’s a particular weakness of mine), I managed to catch the midday heat and grabbed a 7kg (or so I thought) backpack to hit the trail again in the afternoon. Was a bit frustrating throughout the run because I just didn’t quite seem to be able to hit my usual speed. “Was it the quiche? Am I being undone by the quiche?!”

But 4 hours later, I finally swooped back home (“swoop” being a generous word because I was about as graceful as a dancing elephant by then). Just for fun, I weighed the backpack and it read…



Now that I’ve cleared the contents of the bag, it does seem reasonable. It’s just… SERIOUSLY? It was not my plan to run with that much at all.

But hey, if I fell 2km short of my target of 35km today because of an extra 2.5kg on my back, I’ll take reality over the original plan.

Moral of the story? Um… don’t weigh your backpack until you get home. It may come as a happy surprise and it will be like Christmas all over again.


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