Feeling Lucky?

Feeling Lucky?

We’ve launched the lucky draw! A huge thank you to the prize sponsors: Pan Pacific Singapore, Canon, Bang & Olufsen as well as a generous friend for putting up the prizes. Through this campaign, we’re hoping to raise the profile of runners and of World Vision, even if only by a little bit. Entries will be showcased at the upcoming fund raiser party at Loof on 4 September, which starts from 6:30pm and goes on to the early hours of the morning so feel free to drop by whenever you can. Besides, it’s on a Saturday so if you’re on this sunny island that day, you have absolutely no excuse ;)

Please click here for details on how to enter the lucky draw. Contest now closed.

On the training front, did about 18km today with a 5kg backpack. This also marked my maiden run on sand, which didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would but I think it’s because of the more compact sand, a result of last night’s rain. There’s definitely a good deal of dancing and wobbling all the same, since the ground is effectively shifting beneath your feet. The run at the reservoir afterwards was more exciting than usual because of the chance to chat with several other runners along the way. You know who you are! Thanks for making today’s run fun.

Tomorrow is going to be filled with hills with a 7kg backpack. Allez!

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