Irrational rationalisation

Irrational rationalisation

Nothing removes guilt from a food shopping spree better than the excuse: “but, this chocolate bar is going to give me energy AND potentially save my life in the desert!!” NOM NOM NOM.

In other news, am trying to read a book about the Sahara before the trip so I can truly appreciate the legends and fables of that land.

That’s right. On top of normal work and training, fund raising for World Vision, organising the Loof rooftop bar party, interviews and the other race preparation, I now want to read a book. My schedule is about to blow out the window and burst into flames.

Speaking of flames, there’s an exciting contest to be launched soon. Thanks to some amazing sponsors, we’re giving away a few prizes. And I’m not talking about papyrus bookmark prizes (which I am giving out to everyone who makes a donation to World Vision on my Sahara Race website) but prizes valued over a few hundred dollars each. If I weren’t organising this, I’d have loved to win them for myself. Anyway, you heard it here first.

Details will be out on my Sahara Facebook page.

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