Monthly Archives: March 2011

Stage 6: What are those three pointy triangles I see?

So they said the race will end at the Great Pyramids. Thanks to my hyper-active imagination, I had this vision of a surging 100+ man contingent charging towards the Pyramids from afar, raising dust from the horizon like Lawrence of Arabia on his horse. Oh, it would be a very grand affair indeed. That was the dream. Now the reality: we decamp, get on a bus and go on a ... Read More »

Stage 5 Part 4: Day of Rest

People often ask how it had felt in that moment of reaching the 94km finish line. Was I overjoyed, was I relieved, was I emotional? The truth is, I was none of those things. The wonders and rigours of the last 20-odd hours had drained every ounce of energy such that the actual crossing of the finish line hardly caused a ripple in the mind. The early moments of crossing ... Read More »

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