Blog From the Desert: Blister count:1. Spirit: 10/10.

Blog From the Desert: Blister count:1. Spirit: 10/10.

A big hello from a very scenic (and windy and sandy) camp! This is going to be a short one because after getting into camp, I spent all my time hanging out with others, which is how it should be… seeing as I am on a desert vacation. :) And now it is 7.42pm and we have a 42km sand marathon ahead tomorrow so time to turn in soon.

Firstly, THANK YOU for all your emails and blog comments. To Mark, Andrew, Denvy, Yange, Sandy, Pearly, Thaddeus, JS William, Maggie, Sandy, Li Heng, Chao Choon and Lixin – thank you for your words. They are really proving to be some very amazing fuel out here in the desert.

Second thing of note: I popped the very first blister of my life today! (Actually a doc did it to show me how but I learned an important life skill then and any day you learn a life skill is a great day.)

Third: Wooooow. Yesterday’s terrain was not all that fascinating but today? Wordlessly beautiful. It’s even better than what they show you on the website. Took a buttload of pictures along the way, which should tempt at least a few others to do this crazy race :) I am only sorry pictures are the only things I can bring back but not the steep descend down incredible sand dunes or the quiet pockets of absolute solitude in this endless expanse of beauty. I almost wish it didn’t have to end (ha.ha.)

Fourthly: ravaneous appetite. Am gobbling up throw away food from friends and still sniffing out for the next bag of food.

Alright, lots more to blog about but 42km awaits tomorrow and I have every intention of getting through that stage in good shape. Fingers crossed for a good day and courage to overcome the tough parts. Hope to catch up at campsite!

P.S. Sandy – Claypot rice with lap cheong and bak kwa after I get back sounds HEAVENLY. Deal is on!


  1. wow, i am visualising the beautiful desert while reading ur blog ~ can’t wait to see ur photos lolz. u speak of 42km like 4.2km…haha. Go Go Go.! Keep going, keep eating, but heck do keep hydrating as well yar. Jia you !!

  2. Super, claypot rice on me on your return. Keep going!!

  3. Wow, great work!!! Good luck on the next leg of the race! Looking forward to the next post :)

  4. Pan Pacific Seattle

    Way to go Jane!! We are following your results and blog in Seattle and you are a true inspiration to all of us.

  5. reading yr blog is as excited as joining it. i feel like looking for a 10k run, say soon… add oil, we are here for u.

  6. Wonderwoman: After 2 days of sand, ‘surf’ and sweat, and still as chirpy as ever! Enjoy your run and keep the flag flying high for Hongkong, Singapore and Asia.

  7. Some desert vacation eh! But hey, you are enjoying it, which is the most important thing right now. I’m glad you’re having a blast. Keep up the great work and keep those blisters in check. You don’t want a blister on a blister! I hope you have started changing out of your tights outside the toilets?! Make sure your hands stay clean before you eat – don’t want ’em germs bugging you. Ha! Sending you positive thoughts all the way… xx

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