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You Never Had a Better Excuse to Drink

Alriiiight! Here’s some exciting news that deserves a good shout out: Loof (that awesome rooftop bar just across from Raffles Hotel), World Vision and I are teaming up to bring you a night of merry drinking all in the name of a great cause. In line with my mission to raise S$60,000 (US$40,000) for VisionFund, World Vision’s microfinance subsidiary that provides micro loans and education to help needy families escape the poverty cycle, we’re hosting ... Read More »

My Life in Grams

Just 9 weeks until the race! It’s all getting very real. Gear is rapidly coming together with the help of some hard core time management and amazing sponsors. The biggest challenge is weight efficiency, as most backpacks for the race will come up to 9 or 10 kg. Add on the water they give you and you’re pushing 12kg on sand dunes. All that is to say, I’ve become unhealthily obsessed with how ... Read More »

In the news

Got a little feature in Business Times today: see last paragraph and photo. For the record, some of the reported information is wrong. It’s a 7-day race, not 10 days :) Also, the sponsored amount from Pan Pacific Hotel Groups is different from reported. Pan Pacific is the title sponsor and they’re doing a tremendous job, but there are other sponsors making this possible too – Canon, Singapura Finance, GNC, ... Read More »

Have legs, will run.

It’s amazing how quickly the body adapts. Less than 6 months ago, I couldn’t even imagine running the 11km loop around the reservoir; the 4-5 km weekend runs were already a bit of a stretch even though the only thing I was holding was a mini water bottle. Yesterday was half slushy/ half raining. One foot got completely dunked into a deep pool of muddy water early in the run ... Read More »

Peaceful Warrior

I watched this movie back in 2007, and remember being blown away by the script. Based on the true story of a gymnast who recovered from an automobile accident to take the world championship, this film is filled with nuggets of wisdom, often whispered in the quietest of scenes. Very inspiring and much to keep in mind during limit-testing moments like ultra marathons and desert races. Watch this superbly edited ... Read More »

A pastor, model, physicist and grandpa walk into a bar…

Good golly. Been browsing through the list of Sahara 2010 competitors and … is the list of competitors always this illustrious and crazy, or is it just me who has lost all bearings on what constitutes reality??! Amongst them: a 75 year-old who has run the 3-day, 215 km (135 miles) aptly named Death Valley Badwater Ultra Marathon 12 times, the founder and CEO of RacingThePlanet who basically started these 4Desert races, ... Read More »

Lades and gents, I present to you… GNC!!!

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy! A huge thank you to GNC for agreeing to be the Official Health Supplement Sponsor of my Sahara trip! I remember growing up with a lot of GNC bottles around the house, thanks to my super health-conscious mother who stuffed us kids with their vitamin products (A for healthy eyes, C for strong immune system, and E for good skin!! I still remember hahaha). I take their stuff these ... Read More »

Hilariously Spot On.

Day after the marathon: if you’ve ever completed a race, whether a half / full/ ultra marathon, watch this. That is all. Read More »

In which Jane meets the Beanstalk.

Today marked my first run with a loaded backpack to test the conditions for the actual race, where we’ll be carrying around 10kg on our backs. I packed a 5kg bag of rice into the Raidlight backpack and started off to MacRitchie Reservoir. It really is a jungle walk out there! On the bright side, if I get stranded there for any reason I’ve got enough rice to feed a ... Read More »


Courage is not the absence of fear but the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Ladies and gentlemen, a huge round of applause for Singapore’s very own Blade Runner (Shariff) please! Shariff is a single amputee who runs with a blade, and he just completed the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur marathon despite having the odds stacked against him. This was no easy race for Shariff, who has ... Read More »

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