Monthly Archives: February 2014

New Zealand Time Lapse + Video (HD)

If you’ve never been to New Zealand, you should. And if you’re wondering why you should, hopefully this video can offer a glimpse at what this country has to offer. Read More »

EGBOK: About the Cause

Imagine what your life would be like if you had to live on less than 45 cents a day. Imagine that there is little work to be had, and even less in the way of career prospects. For one-third of the population in Cambodia, this is not just a hypothetical scenario but a harsh reality they face every single day. If you knew of a way to help, to make ... Read More »

Aurora x EGBOK: The Expedition

In February and March 2014, I will embark on a photographic expedition to the Sierra/ Death Valley and Yellowknife, which sits on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Canada. Conditions will be tough — Yellowknife temperatures will average -30°C (-22°F) this time of year — but it will be all the more rewarding as a photographer. The mission is to capture some of the most stunning phenomena and landscapes on earth, such ... Read More »

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