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Mind Over Matter

I DID IT!!! I completed the adidas Sundown ultramarathon (84km or 52 miles) in 12 hrs 28 mins 5 secs. Really quite happy, considering the furthest I’d ever run prior to this was the 25km Passion Run last weekend and I didn’t know I was going to run in the 84km ultra until 2 weeks before the race. I can tell you, though, starting a run at 6pm and racing ... Read More »

Spirit of the Race

This 1992 Olympics moment gets to me every time. Derek Redmond was favoured to win the 400m when, at the 150m mark, he pulled a hamstring and collapsed in a heap of pain. The dream and years of hard work denied in a split second, he looked for a moment as if he had given up. But when the medics rushed onto the track, the man amazingly pulled himself up ... Read More »

Into the Mountain Hole of Serious Preparation I go

If you don’t hear from me for the next 2 weeks, it can only be a good thing — it means I’m dedicating myself to training for the half marathon taking place this weekend and the 84km ultramarathon the following weekend. Have dropped by my favourite running store to stock up on a few essentials, including Nathan electrolytes, Clif Bars, GU gels, shotz gels, and PowerBar gels. Hope to post ... Read More »

A Day with Never Ending Surprises

There are times when you start a day with high expectations and end up disappointed with how the day actually turned out. Then, there are days like this one which start out miserably but then flourish with each passing hour until you look back at day’s end and can’t quite believe the dream of a day you just had. Here’s how the story goes. I woke up with a rather ... Read More »

Heroes aren’t born, but built

“Do not go gentle into that good night” -Dylan Thomas Met up with Thaddeus for dinner last night. Thaddeus is Singapore’s own superman who had completed the 250 km Sahara Race last year (and has clearly lived to tell the tale!) A fascinating story transpired from the dinner conversation: Baoren Gong is a swimmer from China who had competed in the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. The one thing that distinguished him ... Read More »

Training kicks up a notch

When I first started training for the Sahara back in February, it had been inconceivable to train 3-4 times a week. How on earth was I going to fit it all in, what with work and all? Three months on, I’m rising at 5 plus in the morning for tempo training, going for a 15km runs after work the next day, rolling out of bed at 6 plus on Saturdays for ... Read More »

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