It all started with a lunch

It all started with a lunch

Whoever knew a casual lunch at The Square back in Hong Kong would lead to a New Zealand trip? (Love that restaurant, by the way.)

Stranger stories have happened, and as some of you might have heard, I did indeed win the grand prize in a recent Air New Zealand competition. That meant getting a pair of round trip tickets to New Zealand, a $1,000 shopping voucher and a tour of Hobbiton (where the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies were filmed). As you might expect, awesomeness ensues.

Join me and ST (aka the boyfriend/my partner in crime) on our little photography trip through this stunning land.

On a practical note, traveling in NZ can be expensive but it is absolutely possible to enjoy this country without feeling bankrupt by the end. I’ve included budget tips and tricks that have worked really well for us on this trip. Hopefully, this will come in handy for you one day. All amounts are in New Zealand Dollars.

Special thanks go to my dear friend Charlotte, without whom I would’ve never even heard about the Air New Zealand competition.

Ready to check out New Zealand with us? Let’s fly.

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