And then the fashion takes a nosedive too…

And then the fashion takes a nosedive too…

You know, when I first decided I was going to commit myself to this race, I knew some sacrifices were in the cards. The weekend sleep-ins are gone for sure; I discovered that I am no longer biologically capable of sleeping a minute past 7am on Saturdays. The body just wakes up expecting a good long run. Sad, I know.

And I can’t really remember the last time I didn’t have pain in at least one part of my body. If it’s not the legs from the running, it’s the abs from the core training or the arms from the weights. And then there’s the random stuff that Sensei has us do at karate. Don’t get me wrong — I’m loving every minute of it. Because the pain tells you you’re alive and well, that you’re putting in effort and stretching your limits.

But in the list of so-called sacrifices, I would’ve never thought “fashion” would be one of them. Just the other day, I went on a run decked in a white top and white shoes. With the black shorts, black knee guards and black compression tights, it occurred to me that I looked like an inside-out Oreo!!

So if you saw a big fashion faux pas running around this week, I’m so sorry. :(

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