Life is a marathon; embrace it.

Life is a marathon; embrace it.

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There will be days when the going gets tough.

Like when the deadlines hit and you end up pulling a 70-hour work week with hardly enough time to sleep or train, or when a bout of bad flu decides to pay a visit and training becomes out of the question, or when the weather decides to play tricks and pours torrential rain on a precious weekend morning. In between all this, the trail you had wanted to run could become slippery and dangerous, your training schedule could be shot and your energy depleted even before you begin.

But that’s life. It comes with every ounce of struggle and tribulation that it was meant to offer, and our weathering it all makes the triumph at the end that much sweeter.

(I mean if life was meant to be a cakewalk, there should be a lot more treadmills and whole lot less trails and hills, right? :P )

My point is, there is never a “perfect time” to do anything. Life, from the very beginning, has been a carnival of temptations and priorities fighting for our attention. On top of that, it will be relentlessly throwing obstacles in our way to sidetrack us. In fact, it has a feast of distractions lined up — work schedule, flu bugs, and bad weather are just the appetizers.

And if we keep waiting for our schedule to clear up for us to do what we’ve always been meaning to do, it will never happen.

The only perfect time is that moment you act on an idea, the very moment you refuse to let ambitions languish as unrealised dreams.

So make today count.

Embrace this marathon some call Life and try not to turn into Didi or Gogo while you’re at it. Embrace the fact that there will be many things along the way that will tempt us to stop, to give up before we reach our goals. Assume that at many points throughout the race it’s going to get so tough you virtually can’t see a way out, and all signs seem to point to “quit”.

But also remember it’s precisely when the going gets tough that you must give more than you had ever given before. Because when you do, you’d be amazed at just how much you can accomplish…

There is no such thing as “the perfect time”.

Instead, make today count.

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