Pushing the hardest when it counts the most

Pushing the hardest when it counts the most

It had not been the most brilliant start to the day. First the internet threw a tantrum and I couldn’t livestream a much-anticipated tennis match between Nadal and Verdasco. By the time I got a fast enough connection speed, the two were already deep into the last set and Nando had faded away, giving Rafa an easy victory.

After brunch the rain started, ruining the original plan to run 35 km around the reservoir. The rest of the day plodded by slowly but then it occurred to me, just because it started slow doesn’t mean it can’t end strong…

So at 8pm I grabbed the 7kg backpack and headed out for a training session. I ended up clocking 34 km, running virtually the entire distance. This is somewhat of a record, as the last time I clocked 33km with a 9.5kg backpack, I wasn’t able to run it all.

Which just goes to show that when it’s a particularly uncooperative day, you simply have to push harder to clinch that milestone.

Next up on the menu – running on sand and hill training tomorrow with fellow Sahara Race runners. Bring on the fun!

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