A pastor, model, physicist and grandpa walk into a bar…

A pastor, model, physicist and grandpa walk into a bar…

Good golly. Been browsing through the list of Sahara 2010 competitors and … is the list of competitors always this illustrious and crazy, or is it just me who has lost all bearings on what constitutes reality??!

Amongst them: a 75 year-old who has run the 3-day, 215 km (135 miles) aptly named Death Valley Badwater Ultra Marathon 12 times, the founder and CEO of RacingThePlanet who basically started these 4Desert races, a Japanese couple running this as their honeymoon (folks, if your marriage survives this one, it could well survive anything), a theoretical physicist Ph. D candidate who’s studying under Stephen Hawkins, a 25 year-old lady who’s aiming to finish all four of the 250km foot races in one calendar year (Sahara, Gobi, Atacama, Antarctica), a Czech who’s travelled to Everest base camp by bike, a Brit who’s walked the entire 1,930 km (1,200 mile) length of Britain, an Aussie who’s completed over 100 marathons, a Japanese who’s raced 3,129 km across his country in a span of 59 days (so basically doing more than one marathon a day for 2 months consecutively. Alrighty, then. No big deal there), a 58 year-old who has run the Sahara 10 times, a pastor, and a model.

It’s almost good enough to make a reality TV show.

I cannot wait to meet the gang of Sahara 2010.

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