Is it possible to be pumped and pooped at the same time?

Is it possible to be pumped and pooped at the same time?

Just when you think life can’t get any more hectic, it (of course) laughs in your face and throws you an even crazier schedule and sees how you juggle it. But just for the record, I’m alive! But barely. Just excited and tired all at once about all that has happened, all that is happening, and all that is about to happen.

The Desert Party@Loof on Saturday was superb. So many amazing people turned up and so much happened during the night that it warrants a much lengthier post. The Loof folks are still tallying the final amount on the bar sales so hoping to get confirmation on total raised that night soon.

All that matters for now is that the party was fantastic. No one fell off the rooftop bar in a moment of mad drunkenness, no one got smashed over the head with an empty bottle, no one tripped or fainted or cried a river and we all lived to see another day (or bar).

So thank you every last one of you for making it down for our fund raiser party.  Pictures and stories to come.

P.S. Lest you think I’m slacking on the training front, I clocked 22km on sand on Sunday with a 5kg backpack, running most of it. Plus 18km on Friday so 40km in 3 days. Not enough on any given weekend but fund raising and hitting the target comes first now! Let’s make this happen!!

In the meantime, enjoy the slides we painstakingly put together. This is just a selection of why the whole world runs.

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