Officially Cool

Officially Cool

This one goes out to those of you who’ve always had trouble keeping your sunglasses on your nose too.

All the sunglasses I’ve had have a tendency to slide off my nose bridge, which kind of ruins the “I’m wearing shades and therefore cool” look.

And that’s why finding the perfect pair that stays on and is rugged enough for the Sahara on the eve of the race is very good news. On Trish’s recommendation, I checked out a pair of Rudy Project shades (the RYDON model) at Queensway. And now I can’t run without them anymore. (Because I am vain; I don’t want to get sun damage and ensuing wrinkles just because I decided to shuffle across a desert.) So yes, these shades are pretty amazing — they just refuse to slide off my face — and I’ve tested them on sprints and as well as 5-hour long runs.

The good folks at Rudy Project have also wisely made their shades customisable and bendy, so you can change lenses or adjust the the ear and noes grips to actually fit your face. I think the magic’s in the way they’ve designed the nose grip, which actually lives up to its name.

So long story short, I am one happy trooper ready to go off to the desert with all my important gear in place. If you’re wondering where I got the Rudy Project, it’s at one of the shops on the ground floor of Queensway Shopping Centre called Tomorrow’s Optics. Randomly, I also found these great tasting dry miso soup packets at NTUC. These will surely be a staple for the race (salt cravings will allegedly drive many a desert runner mad).

We’re making progress everyday!! :)

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