Loof extravaganza

Loof extravaganza

At last, some love for the Loof Party. You didn’t think I was going to let such an event slip by without due reporting, did you? ;)

A huge hand to Loof and the Lo & Behold Group for seeing to that this event took off despite our very limited (read: nonexistent) budget. We had to spread the news through word of mouth, emails, and Facebook. But people still turned up, and boy did they ever:

sahara race 250km 46 The very awesome Pearly and her huge group of kakis.

sahara race 250km 47Massive crowd of amazing friends who came down with even more friends for a great night

PACKED! At one point I really did wonder if we were going to alter the structure of the building in some permanent way with our collective weight. By the way, if anyone has a photo of the early bird goodie bags please send me a shot. I think it’ll be a long time before I see a goodie bag so epic in its proportions and weight. That thing must’ve weighed at least 2kg.

Loof’s plan was to donate all raffle sales and 15% of sales before 11pm to VisionFund, but they very generously topped up the original amount to S$2,000. That and the pledges combined to make S$3,000.15 for the night — on behalf of World Vision and VisionFund, thank you all!

Speaking of pledges, to the kind gentleman who made the special pledge of “$1 for every kilometre completed in the race” — thank you. Also, sir, I will make you pay $250.

Thank you everyone for showering lots of love that night and making me feel even more motivated to do well in the race (as if I weren’t already pumped to the max). A special shout out to Linda, who so kindly offered to sponsor my sponsor patches with her shop, Caps n Designs. Folks, this is pretty darn amazing stuff. I don’t know what I was expecting, but none of the logo patches I’ve seen before ever looked this good.

sahara race 250km 48All my wonderful sponsors

If you need to make t-shirts, caps, patches, or something special for an event, I can personally vouch for the superb workmanship at Caps n Designs. I really have never gotten this excited over logo patches.

sahara race 250km 49Quality stuff, yo.

To Tiffany, who so thoughtfully brought some Godiva truffles to the party — my whole house has gained weight as a result of this. Collectively we say, “well worth it! Thank you!”

sahara race 250km 50

Last but certainly not least, take a look at the surprise Adam OneArmRunner had in store for me at the party. Being the whiz that he is at graphic design, he had already lent us his talent and helped design the party poster. Then, because I guess he was on a roll and still had plenty left in the tank, he went on and made a shirt for my race too! I never thought I’d live to see the day in which I have my own face plastered on a shirt. But never say never (case in point: photo on the right).

sahara race 250km 51

And there’s a mousepad and coaster to boot:

sahara race 250km 52Thank you for going the extra mile, Adam.

Can’t say thank you enough to all the people who took time out to attend the fund raiser — your presence really made a difference that night. I only wish the night went on longer so I could catch up with everyone at length.

I do have another fund raiser idea that should be quite fun in a very different way, though that will have to wait till after the race since I leave for Egypt in a week. 28th October can’t come soon enough. For now, enjoy the night’s festivities with these two slideshows. Thank you Weng Seng for helping to capture every precious moment!

sahara race 250km 53Click to see all photos of the night 

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